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Sfyris is a local business located in Velika beach in Larisa, Greece that has been engaged in fishing for three generations. Pelagic fish trawled by “Thyella” fishing boat brought fresh every day to our fish market and prepared on site at our seafood restaurant!

Sfyris Thyella Fishing Boat

Sfyris Thyella Fishing Boat

Fish Market

The Fish




At Sfyris fish market you will find fresh fish and seafood from the open sea in a great variety and unbeatable quality. Our guarantee for the quality is the fact that most of the fish is caught by our own fishing boat at the Aegean sea. The rest is carefully chosen by valued partners.

Sfyris Fish Market

Sfyris Fish Market

The seafood restaurant

The Seafood




At Sfyris seafood restaurant you will enjoy traditional Mediterranean seafood dishes and fresh fish by the kilo that can be accompanied with ouzo, tripouro or wine of your choice from our cellar.

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